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Financial Advice That’s For You, About You, With You — Always.™

On your marks

On Your Marks

To pursue financial excellence, we begin with proper positioning. 

If you’re like most investors, you have big wealth goals: professionally, individually and for your family. Reaching your greatest goals calls for outstanding forethought and a steadfast strategy. This is where we come in.


On your marks

Get Set

Powered by perspective, we prepare you for your course ahead. 

Heyman Wealth Management, LLC – a fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor firm – offers uncompromising dedication to your best interests, strengthened by evidence-based investment acumen. From your first day as our client, we surround you with comprehensive care to speed you on your way. 


On your marks

Let’s Go!

Who are you?

Let’s discuss how you made your wealth and how you’d like to use it.

Who are we?

Financial stewardship is in our blood – and our business.

How can we help?

Plan, organize, implement … repeat.

Let's talk!

Reach out to us; we’ll take it from there.



A Day in Your Life

Pick a day, any day. What makes it perfect, for you? A round of golf or some mountain biking? Maybe an important advance in your career, a family outing, community service, fine dining, travel … or just sleeping in for a change.

Your idea of “the good life” is your own. But every day well-lived has one thing in common:

You haven’t had to spend it agonizing over your family’s financial well-being.

That doesn’t mean you never think about your money, but what makes or breaks your financial well-being is how effectively you’ve prepared for your goals.

We can help with that. In fact, that is the common thread we pride ourselves on delivering to each client. Throughout your life and across the generations, we’ll show you how to steer judiciously through the uncertainties you encounter, freeing you to seize each day to its fullest.


Who We Are

Heyman Wealth Management, LLC was founded in 2010 as a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor firm serving California clients. But our roots date back to 1949, when Daniel’s grandfather and WWII veteran Herbert founded a successful Los Angeles CPA firm. 

In the mid-1980s, the family firm passed on to Daniel’s father Edward, and it continued to thrive under his leadership. From 2004, Daniel, a third-generation CPA, worked in the family practice. By 2010, he formed Heyman Wealth Management, LLC to augment the family accounting practice, with complete wealth management services. 

On August 19, 2012, Daniel’s father suddenly passed away of a heart attack at age 68. Daniel immediately took the helm of the family practice, proudly retaining is roots while revitalizing it to include personalized wealth management and holistic financial care. 

For nearly a half-century, the Heyman family has been serving generations of clients based on the premise that, whenever change is afoot, we are there for our clients, to help them through whatever life has thrown at them, with informed, caring and objective advice. 

This is our legacy. Now let’s plan yours. 

Daniel B. Heyman, CFA, CPA/PFS Photo

Daniel B. Heyman, CFA, CPA/PFS

Related Experience

Before founding Heyman Wealth Management, LLC, Daniel was a Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer with a capital management firm, where he specialized in market analysis. He also was an associate with one of the Big Four accounting firms in Los Angeles. Daniel holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business and a master’s degree in accounting from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with the Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) designation, a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) credential holder, and is a member of both the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and the California Society of CPAs. 

Connect with Daniel on LinkedIn.

A Proud Moment

Daniel was proud to be a Standing Ovation honoree at the 2016 national AICPA Personal Financial Planning Conference. The recognition was given to 22 CPA/PFS advisers under the age of 40, for their contributions to personal financial planning. 

When He’s Not Working

Daniel is a family man at heart; he and his wife devote the majority of their free time to enjoying the antics of their two young sons.



At Heyman Wealth Management, we offer flexible levels of engagement to match your financial needs with our services and expertise:  

Total Wealth Management™

For individuals or families with more elaborate requirements – including a range of financial and estate planning, investing and wealth transfer needs – we offer full-service and far-reaching wealth management to address every facet of our clients' financial lives. 


Wealth Essentials™

By combining today’s financial technologies with occasional targeted guidance, we offer you the opportunity to take control and grow your own nest egg, while still benefiting from the principles of evidence-based portfolio construction and essential financial planning. 


Personalized care and uncompromising fiduciary commitment are integral to each relationship we build

In exchange for a fair and transparent fee, we are proud to serve hard-working families and individuals and their important financial needs, throughout California and beyond. Let’s talk!

When it comes to achieving your future goals, financial planning is a must. We develop financial plans that serve as: 

A solid foundation from which to build. Embodying your personal goals and combining our financial planning know-how with best-practice technologies to guide the way forward.

Your touchstone along the way. Organizing the pieces of your life and bringing ongoing clarity to your financial journey. 

The launch pad for your aspirations. Facilitating successful outcomes as we position you for the ongoing changes in your life.

Your investments deserve more than guesswork. Our evidence-based investment approach relies on decades of leading academic research coupled with global diversification and low-cost investment options. We’ll position your portfolio as the engine to achieving your dreams.

You can’t save all the money you’ve ever earned. At the same time that you’re trying to save and invest your money, you’re spending it too. Utilizing our all-encompassing approach, we help you to preserve what you’ve worked so hard to achieve, protect it from folly, donate a portion of it to worthy causes, and leave a lot or a little of it behind as your legacy. 

Step by step, we’ll identify, organize and streamline all that you have in mind for your money. | We’ll draw from our own professional acumen | collaborate with your strategic alliances or our own for advanced-planning needs | and incorporate leading-edge technology wherever it can add value to our human touch. 



We Can …

Share what we’ve learned about evidence-based investing. | Build your portfolio according to your personalized goals. | Balance investment risk and expected returns through global diversification and asset allocation. | Rebalance your portfolio when it drifts off-course. | Minimize taxes, expenses and related costs. | Advise you on your best financial interests (especially when behavioral biases may cloud your view). | Maximize your odds for achieving your goals.

We Cannot …

Guarantee success (not even for our own recommendations). | Forecast what the market is going to do next | Predict which individual securities are going to “win” or “lose.” | Entertain you with clever ways to outsmart the market. 

You Can … 

control your financial future and become a better investor by understanding which actions matter the most to your wealth and which distractions are best ignored.



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